Can I install my home security system?

Can I install my home security system?

You can, in a nutshell, install your security system. Although it is likely to be less expensive than a professionally fitted alarm, nothing beats a customised home security package from Nova Alarms when it comes to protecting your house and your most personal possessions. Not only will a professionally installed Burglar Alarm work, but it will help to prevent burglaries as they are ongoing and reduce the number of false alarms. One of the major reasons why people choose to install their alarms themselves is due to the cost but at Nova Alarms we offer affordable rates for our alarm systems and installations.


The majority of DIY systems have few support options. You may be able to contact the manufacturer of your system for assistance as a homeowner, but you will not have access to the complete 24-hour support provided by a security team. You’ll have to work harder to discover the proper answers if the system loses functionality or if you have a question about its performance in the coming months.


If your DIY alarm system fails, you may find yourself scouring online forums for solutions to figure out what’s wrong, leaving your home vulnerable until you discover a solution. With our remote monitoring solutions for domestic premises, Nova Alarms ensures that your burglar alarm is never neglected. We can programme your home security system to notify a team of skilled specialists when a burglar alarm is triggered. Depending on the monitoring package, these expert personnel are available 24 hours a day to analyse the situation and, if necessary, alert emergency services.

Installation Errors

No one can benefit from a security system that has been installed wrongly. You may assume you have the technical know-how to install a security camera above your front door, but the wrong installation could result in your system only receiving restricted security information. Nova Alarms systems are included with Professional installation which can provide great peace of mind when it comes to your family’s protection.

Get professional help

If you would like a no-obligation consultation for having a burglar alarm professionally installed at your home or business, get in touch with us on 0161 702 8643, email or fill in the contact form here.