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How to prevent burglars from reaching your home

How To Prevent Burglars From Reaching Your Home

The word burglary is likely to make any homeowner shudder a little, and why wouldn’t it? You want to keep your family, your house and your valuables safe. But how can you prevent burglars before they even reach your home? Here’s how:

Install exterior detectors

Exterior motion detectors are the first port of call for protecting your home, and they are essential for preventing unwanted entry. Installing external alarm systems can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted access to your home.
We recommend installing motion sensors in the following places:

  1. Property paths and walkways

    Walkways and paths are common areas that will be used by intruders to find points of entry to your home. Installing motion sensors along walkways and paths will ensure you are notified before a potential break-in.

  2. Home entrances

    Home entrances such as windows and doors are seen as weak points of your home and are commonly used to gain entry. Install motion sensors near these areas to be notified when someone is outside your home.

  3. Open areas such as pools and gardens

    Open garden areas of a property can provide hiding spots for potential intruders. You can catch people before they reach your home by installing motion sensors in these areas.

  4. Garages and sheds

    Tools and ladders are commonly stored in garages and sheds. It is essential to install motion detectors in these areas to avoid arming potential intruders with equipment that they can use to enter your home.


We can provide motion sensor installation that can be configured to work with any existing alarm system. Add that extra layer of protection to your home today!


Lock gates and hide tools and ladders

As mention, garages and sheds are especially important to protect. The first step in ensuring your garage or shed is protected from intruders is installing secure locks on entry points to these areas. Inside garages and sheds, we recommend installing lockable tool cupboards, which adds another layer of protection and prevents intruders from gaining access to your tools.

Additionally, we can supply and install alarm systems that are suitable for sheds and garages.


Install a new siren

As well as notifying you when an intruder enters your home, installing a new siren can act as a visual deterrent. Potential intruders are put off when they see a new siren and often decide not to gain access to a property with obvious security measures in place. At Nova alarms, we can supply and install high-quality sirens.

Secure your home today by giving us a call on 0161 702 8643 or send us an email to info@nova-alarms.co.uk.

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