How Burglary Crime Has Changed During the Coronavirus Lockdown


It has been over 12 months since the UK announced a national lockdown requiring people to spend a lot more time at home and a lot less time outside. Official Statistics reported that crime dropped by 25% in April 2020. However, now that life is slowly adjusting to an altered lifestyle, crime and break-ins are reappearing in different ways.

Thieves and burglars are showing to be even more prominent during Coronavirus. Allowing your household, workplace, high street shop, pub, restaurant, and any other type of property to be without CCTV surveillance and security technology makes you vulnerable to these situations. Read below to find out how crime has changed due to the Coronavirus and how best to prepare post-lockdown.

Office break-ins

There has been a surge in the workplace and office break-ins as a consequence of people working from home. Whilst your domestic property may be protected when at home, deserted office workplaces have been a target by thieves and burglars looking to cash in on the computers, laptops, and other valuable items that are left in unmonitored spaces.

Retail Shops, Pubs and Restaurants

Similarly, to office and workplaces, unguarded retail and consumer goods shops in empty high streets are prone to break-ins. Additionally, pubs and restaurants across the UK are finding themselves being attacked due to a lack of surveillance and outdated technology within these premises. According to research conducted by VPS UK (a property security specialists), across Greater Manchester, there has been a sudden rise in burglaries and attempted thefts during the national lockdown. “It’s no surprise that when whole city centres are deserted, that opportunistic thieves will take their chances, especially with an already stretched police services,” says David Wormland, account director for hospitality and retail at VPS.

Unguarded homes in the evenings

Whilst homes have been targeted significantly less when the lockdowns are lifted; people are enjoying spending their evening outside their households which create opportunities for burglaries. However, there is an easy way to prevent break-ins, such as having home security measures in place. CCTV monitoring, would allow for the culprit to be caught in the act and even scare off anyone attempting to break-in.

Preparing for the future

Greg Wilson, the founder of (an insurance comparison provider), reported that “almost 20,000 burglaries still happened each month during the lockdown, even when the Government’s most stringent quarantine measures were in place, which highlights that break-ins remain a very high risk for homeowners and tenants alike”. During the lockdown, thieves have been caught stealing oxygen canisters from a hospital, raiding food banks, scams and counterfeit goods relating to Coronavirus.

People are likely to become lenient after being home for so long that security needs are not at the forefront of their concerns. Nonetheless, it is crucial now more than ever that you don’t allow yourself to become at risk to any of these situations. At Nova Alarms, we supply domestic burglar alarms, domestic CCTV, domestic remote monitoring, commercial intruder alarms, commercial CCTV as well as commercial remote monitoring.

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