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Burglar alarms for home

Burglar Alarms for Home Security Systems


According to Yale Home, there are approximately 250,000 domestic burglaries in England and Wales per year.


Burglar alarms for your home work by setting up different trigger points throughout your house and come with options to alert you to a potential intruder or sound an alarm to deter burglars altogether. It’s essential that you feel secure and safe in your own home, so all things considered, it’s within your best interests to invest in a home burglar alarm.


Having the best burglar alarm system for your home depends on your personal preferences, your budget, where you live, what your home is like and what level of protection you are after. As well as your standard bell-only alarms, smart alarms for home are becoming increasingly popular, with the end-user being able to self-monitor from an app; this app can be used on mobile/tablet. Using wireless burglar alarm systems among others, it will send notifications when any sensors are triggered. The alarms are made up of a siren that will activate when one of these sensors detect movement.


For the highest level of security, you can invest in police monitoring. If your alarm isn’t disengaged within a specific time frame, your dedicated monitoring station will contact the police to come and visit your property.


Some of the benefits of domestic alarm installations are:


Deter a burglary before it happens

Potential intruders can be deterred when they see a fully functioning alarm system; the first thing they see is the external alarm box. Burglar alarms provide around-the-clock protection and can be exceptional crime-deterrent tools.


Protect your home from theft

By installing a burglar alarm, you can be assured that peace of mind is provided when you are away. When an intruder trips the system, your alarm will siren, alerting neighbours in the surrounding area of any potential break-in.


Reduce home insurance premiums

If you have a working burglar alarm in place, some providers may offer you a reduced premium. Your insurance provider may want proof that your alarm has been certified by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems & Alarm Inspection Boards, so you should consider having your alarm installed by a certified professional.


At Nova Alarms, with our alarm installations service, we can supply and install a wide range of security alarm systems to fit the needs of you and your property in the North West of England. With our burglar alarms for home, you can feel secure and with peace of mind.


Get in touch with our team to determine the needs of your home, and we will find the perfect solution for you.

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