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Essential home investments that will improve your home security

Have you just purchased a new home? According to Property Reporter, fears are already mounting that there could be a domestic burglary resurgence in the UK, especially after the full easing of the covid-19 lockdown. In addition, towns in Northern England have always had a high crime rate. Therefore, if your property is based in Manchester or Bolton, you need to improve your home security.

Here are some of the things you should include as part of your home security improvements.

Outdoor detectors

Outdoor detectors use smart technology to analyse activity from people who come into your compound.  If there is any suspicious activity, your outdoor sensor will sound an alarm to scare intruders away.


Alarm system

Burglars are constantly on the lookout for the weakness in your property. If you don’t have an alarm system in place, they will know that they could just burgle your home with no interruptions from the police.

When you have an alarm system in place, if someone enters your property, your home will be monitored by a remote team who will sound the alarm and alert the authorities. But first, they will issue a warning to scare the intruder off.



As a fundamental requirement, you should already have secure locks in your home. Most people have this already covered, but burglars look a little closely at what kind of locks are being used for front and back doors.

Locks to check before leaving your property:

  • Before you go out, you should always lock your door with the key.
  • Always lock your window before going out.
  • Lock your front gate if you have one.


Security gates

The front of your house is the most prominent part of your home from an outsider’s viewpoint.  It is the first thing that an intruder will inspect if they were to scope out your home. Having a security gate will certainly scare and put off an intruder from entering your compound.

Home security is a must for properties in high-risk areas

There are so many things to consider when improving your home security. If you live in a high-risk area, make sure you pull out all the stops with your efforts to secure your home. Keep up to date with the latest security insights to ensure your home is not the next burglary target.

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