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Common Home Security Mistakes


According to www.safestyle-windows.co.uk, it’s believed that a burglary is committed every 40 seconds in the UK. Having an affordable home security system is a great way to protect your home and family, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about other things you must do to ensure the safety of your home. We are going to be looking at some of the common home security mistakes that homeowners make.


Not locking doors or windows

Failing to lock doors or windows is one of the most common mistakes people often make at home. These are classed as soft targets, which burglars tend to look for first, and an unlocked entrance point makes a smooth entry for that unwanted intruder.

When leaving your home unoccupied, always ensure that all entry points are locked properly to avoid becoming an easy target.


Hiding a key outside

Many people hide keys in obvious locations outside their homes, but many burglars know where these zones are. Whether you leave it under your front doormat, in a plant pot or basket, leaving a key outside for anybody to find is a serious risk.

It’s much safer to leave a spare key with a friend, family member or a neighbour you can trust.


Forgetting to secure second-floor windows

Just because you have left a window open higher than ground level doesn’t mean those ambitious intruders won’t try. While they are a less likely target compared to entry points on the ground level, anyone can try and gain access to any windows they think they have a chance with.

If you have a ladder nearby that can provide easy access, make sure to store it away in a garage or shed and secure it with a lock if you don’t already do so.


Signs of an unoccupied house

A lot of homeowners leave tell-tale signs that their house is unoccupied while on holiday. If you want to give an appearance that there is somebody at home, set lights on timers and ask family members, friends or neighbours, to check up on your house daily. Even opening and closing curtains at the right time of the day will give a false impression to those around.

The best practice whilst leaving your home unoccupied is to ensure you have a fully functional burglar alarm system to prevent an unwanted burglar.


Too much sharing

There’s nothing wrong with being on social media, but you should be careful about the type of information you share. If you post that you are going on holiday and provide specifics such as the day you’re leaving for the airport and how long you’re away, it gives information to burglars about your home being empty.

Another thing to be cautious of is posting about expensive items. You may be excited about your new home gadgets, but these types of posts can also gain the attention of criminals.


As an NSI silver accredited alarm company, our 35 years of experience can provide you with burglar alarm services and help us to find the best security solutions to help you rest easy.

For a FREE home security consultation, contact our team on 0161 702 8643 or info@nova-alarms.co.uk.

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