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Can Security Systems Affect Insurance Premiums?


When changing or renewing your insurance due to moving home and into what is considered a higher risk area, or simply needing an upgrade from your previous insurance, you may need to re-assess the type of alarm system you will need.

Having an alarm on its own may not suffice. For extra protection, it would be worth investing in different burglar alarm options, remote monitoring and even residential CCTV, and in many cases, this may also save you money depending on the type of home insurance you take out.

Read below to find out what you need to know about how your security system will affect your insurance.


Why insurers value alarms

Having a working security system in your home is favoured by many insurance providers, and in many cases, this may result in an offered reduced premium. Many insurance companies will ask or specify that you have an approved alarm security system installed and maintained by an approved security systems company such as ourselves at Nova Alarms.

If your home is burgled, your claim may be invalidated if your alarm wasn’t installed properly due to a DIY job. Be provided with peace of mind that you are complying with your insurance companies requirements.


Insurance policies

The insurance policy you pick will depend on the risk level of your property. Before changing your insurance company or renewing your existing policy, it would be beneficial to enquire about any price reductions based on your security system.

Insurance policies surrounding security systems differ from company to company; some make having a certified alarm a precondition of their policy. Some offer a discount, while others may have a higher premium on homes that don’t have security systems installed.

An alarm system that is installed and regularly maintained by an NSI Silver or NSI Gold approved company may mean you are entitled to receive this price deduction on your insurance policy.

However, this only applies if the security system meets the specified requirements. DIY security systems in which customers install themselves have a likelihood of being installed incorrectly or in the wrong location. Therefore, many insurance companies won’t take any risk with these cheap alarm systems that aren’t endorsed by an official body.


Choosing an NSI Approved Company

Choosing the right security system installer may be crucial to the type of home insurance you have. Most insurers will insist on your security system being certified by the National Security Inspectorate, also known as the NSI.

Once a Silver accredited NSI approved company, like ourselves, has installed your security system, we will issue you with an NSI Certificate of Compliance for you to present to your insurer when requested. This will then enable you to take advantage of any reduced premiums.

As an NSI silver accredited family-run business, our 35 years of experience can help us to diagnose your property’s security flaws and find solutions to help your rest easy at night.

For a FREE security system consultation, contact our team on 0161 702 8643 or nova.alarmsltd@gmail.com.

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