5 Ways To Protect Your New Home


Burglars work all year round to break into your home and invade your privacy. However, the dark winter nights are the time of year that your home is most prone to crime, and this can be exceptionally worrying for you if you have just moved into a new area and are unsure about the crime rate.

To prevent and secure your home, you can perform everyday actions such as keeping all doors and windows always locked, but some methods may not be as commonly known. Here are five ways you can protect your new home:

Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms work by setting up different trigger points throughout your home and come with options to alert you to a potential intruder or sound an alarm to deter burglars altogether. Investing in the correct burglar alarm for your residential property is just as important as the installation process of your intruder alarm. The experienced staff at Nova Alarms install your domestic burglar alarm for you with purchase. Find out more by clicking here.

Security Cameras

Home security cameras and home CCTV systems are effective tools for monitoring and securing your property around the clock. Security cameras offer that extra level of protection to your home’s internal or external areas to suit your individual needs. To ensure you get the best possible picture, we use IP CCTV cameras: futuristic video surveillance cameras offering better performance, greater flexibility, and easier installation. Find out more about residential CCTV Cameras by clicking here.

Keep your valuables hidden

Hiding your expensive items is an easy way to prevent your home from being an easy target. Simply locking up valuables like your bike and tools in a garage or locked shed or hiding away electronics, jewellery, cash, and other valuable items out of sight from outside lookers. Easy ways to do this is to use blinds or curtains in rooms where this may be visible, or perhaps you could even consider using a safe to provide even more security for your valuables.

Remote Monitoring

A remote home monitoring system allows your property to be protected if your alarm goes off, and you aren’t home. At Nova, the home monitoring system we supply alerts alert a team of trained staff when the security alarm is activated. These professionals are available to assess your situation 24 hours a day, and they can alert emergency services if necessary. This allows you to be secure in knowing that someone will always be available to respond if your alarm ever goes off. Find out more by clicking here.

Secure the most common targets for burglars

The most targeted areas around the outside of your home are your sheds, garages, and cars. Most burglars often attack apparent flaws in your home security systems such as having broken security lighting, self-installed CCTV and rusty old alarm boxes. Neglecting your home security systems makes your home easy prey. That’s why at Nova Alarms our highly skilled engineers can install, repair and maintain a security system that’s tailored to your requirements to offer you peace of mind and a more secure home. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the different ways we will protect your new home or property. Give us a call on 0161 702 8643 or send us an email on info@nova-alarms.co.uk.